Established in 1985, Superior is specialized in sales, installation and maintenance of industrial laundry as well as dry cleaning equipment.

Sales Services

We have offices in north, cental, and south Taiwan, providing our services throughout the island.

Customers can reach us by :
TEL:+886-2-2278-9660 FAX:+886-2-2278-9650 E-Mail: ,

Installation & Maintenance

Our technicians are all college educated, well trained, offering our services from each of the three offices to our customers in all parts of Taiwan.


Up till now, Superior customers have added up to more than 2000.

In northern area:

Brother Hotel, Taipei Regent Hotel, Sherwood Hotel in Taipei, Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Jen-Shin Hospital, C.K.S. International Airport Hotel, Da-Shuan Laundry Factory, Jiant Laundry Factory, Jay-La cojn-operated laundrette , The Na's coin-operated Laundromat, Tao-Yuan Ming-Shen General hospital,Yang-sun Golf Club, China-Trust hotel. In central Taiwan:Tun-Hao Hotel, Miao-Li General Hospital, Taichung prison.

In southern Taiwan:

Kenting Ceaser Hotel, Oak Hotel, Chien-Je dust-free laundry,Chia-Yi washing factory, Military ships, Container ships, Eastarn Taiwan-Tzu-Chi General hospital,Yu-Li Veteran General hospital, Manor Education Center, Jin-Chung Commercial College, Ta-HanCollege and Tun-Hua University.


We keep our stocks with safety quantities both in machines and spare parts in order to achieve the best, efficiency after and before sales services to our customers.

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